Zoo Day with Britt and Addie

Sunday, October 9, 2016

We had an impromptu trip to San Antonio to meet Britt, Addie, and Cora at the zoo! It was a great day even if it was SCORCHING in May! We scarfed some chicken nuggets and then headed to see the animals. Nora and Cora loved it and it was so great to see them and catch up!

Now for the rest of the adventure....we enjoyed the zoo and then were headed to dinner! As we literally pulled out of the zoo we heard a pop, the air conditioning went out and we luckily rolled right into a nearby parking lot. Some kind of belt (I forgot the name) went out in our car so we had to call for a tow! Gratefully, we could all fit in Britt's car and they drove us around to get a rental car and took care of Nora while we waited all stressed out. They made such a crappy situation better. To top it all off we left our car in San Antonio for a week to be fixed and they returned it for us the following week-lifesavers!!

We ended the day with delicious pizza before heading back to Austin! So glad we got to see them and squeeze a trip in while they were close before we moved to Utah!

Our fun Italian restaurant that gave the kids dough to play with. 

 Cutest cousins ever- Am I right?

Our sad car being towed away!

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