Nora at One Month Old

Sunday, July 6, 2014

It's been exactly a month since our sweet Nora joined us and it's been a crazy whirlwind at that. We feel like things are starting to fall in place more as we figure out this whole parenting thing. She is a very sweet baby but does have some strong lungs on her. I've recovered well and Jason has been a huge help, especially on those harder days. When I'm a little more rested, I will add more updates about us.

About Nora at One Month Old:
•    Super alert/active and strong, she loves to kick her arms and feet (especially when mom is nursing much to mom's dismay)
•    She loves to be held-we are working on minimizing this some but we do love our cuddly girl.
•    She is a good night sleeper-she currently sleeps around two 3.5-4 hour shifts at night so we are very grateful for that. We swaddle her and so far she is able to sleep in the crib, bassinet, and swing successfully. Usually she eats and then goes right back to sleep without too much fuss but we are still working on a true schedule (I think she is close-she likes her night sleep.)
•    During the day, she eats every 2.5 hours on the dot (unless she is asleep while out and about and then I can usually get her to go a little longer). She is a very good nurser when she doesn’t get too worked up.
•    This girl has some strong lungs on her when she is mad. Watch out! Her normal cry is sweet but when she gets really mad she can scream like nobody's business.
•    She smiles daily at us and it melts us. We live for those smiles.
•    Her favorite thing to stare at is the ceiling fan. No one can compete with its level of interesting.
•    When Jason changes her she likes to pee right into the fresh diaper-it’s her daily dad joke 

•    She likes to be outside and go in the car but not right away until it’s been moving for awhile.
•    Her eyes are still bright blue and we think her hair is pretty red/auburn. We are excited to see what color it turns out.
•    She likes the pacifier but isn’t totally addicted-it does help her sleep longer and be less fussy at times.
•    She likes to ride in the Ergo carrier with Mom or Dad, but she isn’t quite as good in the fabric carrier since she is so wiggly she stretches it out.
•    She loved meeting all of her grandparents and thinks they are the best.
•    She wears her mittens most of the time because she likes to scratch up her face (and mom’s chest) otherwise.
•    Kasee takes the night shift during the week (since it’s really only 1-2 night feedings) and Jason and Kasee take them together on the weekends so Jason changes her, brings her to Kasee, helps with medicines etc.
•    After her morning feeding at 5 or 6, Jason takes her and hangs out with her while Kasee sleeps about an hour more. Jason loves this time with her and so does Kasee :)
•    She has gotten pretty good at running errands with mom, usually a 1-3 hour block during the day that she will sleep in her car seat and go to lunch or a friend’s house or store and stay asleep. I’m still nervous about the first time she really wakes up while we are out since she normally screams if she is over her 2.5 hours between feedings. 

Every day is a new adventure and although we are tired and still adjusting we love our sweet baby more and more.

Here are photos of Nora at her 1 month old photo shoot.

And here is a collage with a photo from every day of her first month!


  1. Oh my gosh I just can't get over the fact that you guys are parents! She's gorgeous- good work :)

  2. Sounds like a great adventure! Keep up the awesome work you two��

  3. What did you make that collage with? What a sweet girl!