Nora at 10 Months

Sunday, April 12, 2015

I can't believe Nora is 10 months old and she's been here almost a year! Slow down time, slow down!

At 10 months Nora is:
  • A wild thing! She's crawling everywhere! She's touching outlets and climbing stairs and it's so much fun! She's a true traditional crawler and is pretty fast moving all around. I love being able to say "Come to Mama" now and she will crawl to me. I melt inside!!
  • Still nurses about 6 times a day but I don't use a timer and try to just nurse her as needed but it's still pretty much wake up, before and after nap, before and after nap, around 5 and around 7 with one of those usually getting skipped.
  • She's eating tons of food! She loves turkey, cheese, squash, bananas, nearly all baby foods, yogurt (regular and Greek) and pretty much all the food we eat. She's being funny about some foods though! I'll feed her strawberries for days and she loves them and now she won't eat them. But I just pretend she likes everything and give her all foods without regard for her "preferences."
  • She loves to eat what we are eating. She loved her first milkshake (no surprise there!) because we were drinking it and she loved my chicken soup the other day because I was eating it! So that's fun since she will try most anything if we are eating but also sometimes I don't want to share! 
  • She loves little kids these days. Everywhere we go she loves to watch other kids. She really loves church (playing there that is) and visiting friends for playdates.
  • She loves music time so much now! She smiles at the songs and loves to crawl around to the other moms.
  • She LOVES bath time! She likes to crawl and chew on toys and watch the bath fill up. 
  • She hates getting her diaper changed and hates getting dressed! She doesn't like to be still for either and tries to roll away every time I change her diaper. And getting dressed you would think we were torturing her! ha. 
  • She goes through days or times where she is clingy and other times where she forgets all about us. It's so cute these days, she will play all on her own in the living room or playroom for literally 20 minutes without any regard for us! But then on walks or at the store, she gets restless in the cart or stroller eventually and wants to be held. So some good and some bad!
  • She plays in the playroom like a kid! She crawls from toy to toy and shelf to shelf and pick things up and plays with them and then goes to the next thing. She seems so big  I can't believe it! 
  • She is really good at standing but doesn't like to do it much because she would rather be moving and crawling so not sure when we can practice walking yet!
  • Is getting harder to take photos of-always moving and hiding smiles from the camera! Although she is so smiley in general!
  • Has lots of pretty hair but still has some cradle cap (it's hard to see with the hair) that we are working on getting rid of. She refuses all headbands of any kind but I can still get the bows in if I'm sneaky. She usually finds them but I refuse to give up! 
  • Definitely has some attitude! As mentioned she definitely knows what she does and does NOT like! She whines if she doesn't like something but shrieks and squeals with delight when she does. 
  • Is getting her third tooth on the bottom! It's adorable. 
  • She is still a great sleeper at night but has been waking up a few times (always before midnight so I can't complain much!) I think because of her teeth. After playing/nursing she is usually ready to go back to bed just fine. 
  • Her naps have been consistent but shorter lately- about a 1.5 hour morning nap but often a 1 hour afternoon nap with an occasional 3rd nap for 1 hour. She usually wakes up at 8am and goes to bed at 7:30pm.
  • She loves eating ice like her mama! I'm sure it feels good on her gums but it's fun to sit and "eat" crushed ice together. She also loves drinking from our glasses and her sippy cup.
  • She is starting to play "games"!  She will pretend to climb the stairs and then look back at us since a lot of times we tickle/tackle her there. And if I start to pretend to tickle her she will start laughing before I even tickle her. She likes us to crawl around with her and she knows that we are being silly. This is another favorite moment of parenting! 
Don't mind the giant scratch across her head! She was playing with Easter eggs and ran one half across her little head and scraped it on Easter! :(

We love you sweet girl!

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