Nora at 2 Months

Friday, August 8, 2014

Our baby girl turned 2 months old on Wednesday! We had her little photo shoot and it was so much fun. We seriously adore her. Every week gets more and more fun as we watch her personality develop and see her discover the world. 

At 2 months old:
  • Is in the 79th % for length with 21.75 inches, 56% for weight at 11 pounds 9 ounces and 13% for head size with 14.5 inches (little head!). Her doctor also said she is very advanced for her age (developmentally at 4 months, but physically right on at 2 months) since she can sit up very well, hold her head 100% of the time, follow people with her eyes etc. We are so proud of our strong little lady! 
  • She loves singing time with Mom- her favorite song is "Wheels on the Bus."
  • Jason loves to lift her up to do "Superman" to show off how strong her neck muscles are! It's his favorite trick to show new people.
  • She can recognize Mom and Dad-we get lots of daily smiles that make all those hard moments worth it!
  • She slept through the night our entire trip to Idaho and Utah but now is back to waking up for one feeding in the night. I'm hoping to do some sleep training/ try to cut that feeding once she is recovered from our trip and she is back in the swing of things. She still does well taking lots of daily naps and really still can't be awake more than 20 minutes ish before she gets tuckered out and needs to sleep again! She is still really good at sleeping while we are out and about in her car seat or the Ergo carrier.
  • She can follow things with her eyes now like our faces or her mobile.
  • She is still a good nurser in general. She has gotten faster and latches well. Unfortunately, she still cries/freaks out during a fair amount of her feedings. We can't seem to figure out the pattern of why she does it. She gets so worked up that she can only nurse for a couple of minutes before crying and needing a break where she sucks on the pacifier. Then we try again for a few minutes and keep repeating the process. She has been spitting up some more lately so i think her stomach is bothering her but we can't seem to see a pattern of what I eat or when she is upset etc. It's hard on me since I love to nurse her and hate to see her so upset.
  • She still loves the swing and takes lots of naps there during the day. At night she is still in her crib but since she isn't sleeping too well right now she has been in our room. We think her room is a lot hotter than ours and that's why she isn't sleeping as well but we are still investigating.
  • She just moved up to size 1 diapers and is just starting to fit in her 0-3 month clothes. 

This series of photos is the best! It's her smile going from smallest to biggest. Love this girl.

Don't know what this face is but it's sure cute.


Love her little rolls.

Sweet Baby Nora. We sure love you.


  1. I just love her. She is such a beautiful little girl and I see you and Jason both in her! *Unsolicited advice*- have you thought about your letdown with the nursing issues? Sometimes the milk comes too fast or slow which can bug baby. Just an idea! Give that little lady a squeeze for me :)

  2. I am obsessed with this whole photo shoot! She is the cutest baby girl. My thoughts also went to letdown. Can you feel when it happens? After a few struggles, does she settle in and eat calmly? Maybe you take a few minutes to let down, so she gets frustrated until it happens???

  3. Such a pretty little girl! I'm so happy for you guys, 2 months??? Wow!!! And way to be advanced little Nora!