Nora at 3 Months

Monday, September 8, 2014

 This girl.
 Those blue eyes and those squishy cheeks!

 Yum Yum
 Definitely one of my favorites while on her tummy
-you can finally see her little neck and that cute smile!
 Awesome spit bubble!
 I thought her tongue was funny in this one!
 Evidence of her eating her hands
This is the most accurate portrayal of what she looks like that not many people see since she looks so different while sitting/carseat/sleeping.

 Her little clasped hands!
Who could resist this face?

Nora as of 3 months old:
  • Is loving her bumbo! She thinks it's the best! She loves to look around and chew on her hands. And we love it since she's able to eat dinner with us, get ready with us, do dishes and cook with us and we are all happy. 
  • She has found her hands! She gladly sucks on them and sits with them folded in her lap these days-it's too cute! 
  • She laughed for the first time on August 21! It was the best and she has done it a few times since then. We were looking at each other in the mirror and I was singing her a song and she just giggled. It was the cutest thing. She has done it a few more times as we do funny laughs or today she did it over and over as I sang Wheels on the Bus. Literally the best part of being a mom.
  • She is still sleeping from about 9:30/10pm- 3 or 4 in the morning and then eats for about 10 minutes before going back to sleep in her crib as long as her binky is in. Then she sleeps until about 7 in the morning-I'm pretty happy with this current routine, if I could just eliminate that last night feeding we would be there! She is still sleeping swaddled at night and sleeps in her swing during the day. She takes about a 3 hour nap in the morning from around 9-12pm but it definitely isn't set quite yet.
  • She doesn't like crowds or parties. No joke, I think she has a little bit of anxiety. She gets stressed with lots of change or when we have lots of people over or just if things are overwhelming she meltsdown. I'm hoping this goes away with time since both her parents are extroverts and it breaks my heart when her little self gets so upset. Anyone else had experience with this?
  • She is still really good at tummy time but hasn't rolled over yet!
  • She loves her play gym with the music and mobile but hasn't taken any interest in other toys quite yet.
  • She still loves songs with Mom and mirror/playtime with Dad.
  • She is getting smarter and has realized she doesn't like getting strapped into her carseat since she knows she will be restrained and by herself in the backseat. If we are in the car long enough for her to fall asleep it's fine or if we get to our destination and hang out with her-she's okay. 
  • She can stand so well now while we hold her hands! She is super strong and it's fun to see her look around.
  • She has also started to drool a ton and it's even worse when she is eating her hands-her whole front of her shirt is soaked! Not Mom's favorite thing....
  • She has also started spitting up after every feeding-usually just once but I guess we just hit the spit up stage!


  1. I love her rolls! And three hour naps?! Way to go Nora!! She just keeps getting more and more adorable!

  2. she is seriously so perfect Kasee! Those thighs!!!