Nora at 6 Months

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Here's our sweet girl at 6 months old- half a year old! 

And then she found her headband!

Her signature finger sucking position. 

Here are all of our favorite things about Nora at 6 months:

  • She is sitting like a champ! She sits all by herself and plays with toys on the floor or we set her on the table with us and she just seems SO big. 
  • She has started "talking"-just babbling throughout the day and making "da da da da" noises and it's seriously the cutest and I love it. I could listen to her all day.
  • She's eating solids! She has loved applesauce and pureed peaches, apple slices and bananas so far. She's not so into the carrots, green beans, or green peas but we will keep trying-I have faith she will be a vegetable lover :)
  • She is really coordinated with her hands-she loves to grab things and puts everything in her mouth. She can also transfer things between hands. 
  • She LOVES going to to the store and riding in the cart like a big girl! She particularly loves Home Depot and Sam's but not Target (I think I shop too much there and go very slowly through the aisles). 
  • When she's tired she arches her back and it's the funniest thing.
  • She loves to hang upside down and finally likes being thrown in the air by Daddy. 
  • Is such a "good" baby. She really does so well except when she is hungry or tired and the occasional restlessness. We love having her around and miss her when she's asleep! (most of the time!) 
  • She's so social. She loves going out, loves new faces and almost always smiles for strangers when they talk and coo at her. She's an attention lover what can we say-she takes after her mama! 
  • Is still sleeping through the night and into the morning and naps are about the same-anywhere from 1 hour to 2.5 hours (a world record!) but they do seem to be lengthening some so that's progress!
  • Her stats were low this month on weight-she didn't gain any from her 4 month appointment and I didn't realize that I was having milk issues. I'm working on correcting that now with medicine, more frequent feedings, drinking more water and just being more aware of her/me and nursing time. We go in for another weight check in a couple weeks and hopefully she will be right back on track. She did grow an inch though and her head got slightly bigger but she's still a petite girl overall! 
  • She still loves to suck her two middle fingers and rarely accepts a pacifier. We are okay with that for now! 
We love you Nora! 

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