Hospital Visitors

Monday, November 7, 2016

We were lucky to have so many people visit us in the hospital! First Allisa came to take photos, then Brit and Addie with their kiddos (who overlapped with Allisa so she snapped a few photos!), then Jen and family, Cami and family, Matt & Jaymie, Karen & Jedd and Dad and Carol! Phew- Venna is one loved little girl already!

2nd Cousins just a few months apart! But I make little babies and they make chunky babies so they always look far apart for awhile! This set also has the matching names: Gwen & Ven! 
Cutest wild haired 2nd cousins with matching names too! Nora and Cora! 
Aren't they just adorable?!

2 cousins with their 2 girls! 

Thanks for stopping by guys! We love you! 
Not sure which day this was but Nora was still in love with sister! 

Love this photo of Amelia with Venna! 
And Juan and Oscar 
Aunt Cami!!
Jen and Trey! 
Trey was so cute with her! Adorable! 
That face!!!
First girl's selfie! 
Nora was obsessed with  "holding" baby! Love love love this photo and her pure joy! 

Grammy C! 

Grandpa and Mimi did their best to corral Nora while we tried to get discharged 

And Grandpa Wes! Proud Grandpa for sure! 

Thanks friends! We love you all and are so blessed with so much love in our lives! 

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