Nora Meets Venna Photoshoot

Monday, November 7, 2016

My friend Allisa is a new but amazing photographer! She especially loves birth photos and "Fresh 48" as she calls them- taken in the hospital right after baby is born!

Venna's birth just didn't really accommodate her with timing (I kept laboring and laboring!).We opted for these photos of when Nora met Venna instead and I love that she captured so many precious moments. And I love that I could enjoy watching them together without worrying about snapping photos. What I REALLY WANT is her to follow me around all the time. ha!

So this was the morning after Venna was born on Saturday July 30. Nora spent the night at Jen's house on Friday night and Jason went to get her in the morning while I ate and cleaned up at the hospital. Nora and Jason stopped for donuts and balloons on the way and Jason told her all about her new baby sister.

These photos are real! It's the first time she has seen me in a couple days and her first time laying eyes on Venna and it was definitely love at first sight!

She has her special "Big Sister" shirt on and the hospital gave her a "Big Sister" sticker. Jen also braided her hair into the cutest thing ever!
I got Nora a book (from Venna) and we read for a minute before Jason brought Venna in. 

Proud Daddy! 

She was SO excited! 
My heart!!

Pure sisterly love

My heart nearly burst at this moment!! 
That gaze!!

Inspecting the  hair to see if it's really red! IT IS! 
Tiny baby feet 

Two sisters!! 
Sweet baby Venna (still a little swollen) 
Love this shot

She did NOT want to put her little sister onesie on. ha! 
I want a million of these photos! 
Love this angle too. 

These girls have their Daddy wrapped around their fingers! 

Our perfect little family

Cuddling on the boppy

Sleeping angel 

My mom sent 3 yellow roses for each of her Texas girls! 

Another favorite. 

Taking a peek at baby

Playing with her own baby! 
Isn't this just a magazine shot? With Nora's gorgeous hair and the colors? 

Thanks for the amazing photos Allisa! If you are in Austin definitely look her up!

And I feel so blessed to have two beautiful girls to call my own! 

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