Nora at 7 Months

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Jason wrote all about Nora this month and it warmed my Mommy heart. She's the best and we couldn't love her more!!

At 7 Months Nora:
  • She enjoys laying on her back and rolling around. She can now identify a toy she wants and is attempting to move to that toy.
  • She loves her toys Eliphant the Elephant, Jessie and Sophie (but honestly I think she likes anything she can put in her mouth)
  • She loves to play with her feet and kicks them back and forth, especially when she is happy
  • She does baby talk more and more with periodic happy screams that are extremely high pitched
  • She does a bouncing dance to music and seems to really like it
  • She can eat a full bottle of babyfood in one sitting. So far she loves anything sweet (fruits) and does not really seem to like vegetables (although she will eat them if we mix a veggie with fruit)
  • She is still a really good sleeper at night and usually goes to bed around 6:30 PM and gets up close to 8:30 am (of course with the occasional visit from the milk lady). Nora has had a little trouble adjusting to all the changes during our 2 week trip to ID/UT. She was very happy to be back home in her own bed.
  • She loves to be tickled on the neck and will start giggling loudly if she is in the right mood.
  • She still arches her back when she wants to hang upside down. She will launch herself off your lap to be able to hang upside down
  • She is able to get a mini pony tail in her hair and she still wears small clip in bow. Her hair is still a pretty red color.
  • She is very observant and has to look at everything (or everyone if in a crowd). It does appear that she gets calmer in crowds and prefers to observe people around her over making noise and “talking”
From Mom:
  • She definitely knows who Jason and I are and it's so fun. The other day she just kept looking at me and smiling and it was kind of like she was saying "I love you Mom-thanks for hanging out with me and taking care of me all day." Or at least that's what I heard from those sweet smiles! 
  • She loves her Little People and they are the perfect size for her little hands. 
  • She loves meeting new people and is still very social
  • She weighed 14 pounds, 9 ounces today so she seems to be doing better since I did all the things to increase my milk + added solids to her diet
  • She just started rolling back and forth like crazy! Shouldn't be too long before she's crawling! 
Love love love this girl! 

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