Nora iFavorites 2-3 months

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

I'm still playing catch up with these phone photos! From August to September here are our favorites:

 Sweet sleeping baby
 Nora was a hit with the family in Idaho! 

 Cousin Carly and Cousin Nora (who is obviously thrilled) 

 Jason and Nora hiked to the top of a hill in Pocatello. Jason was so happy. 
 Cousin Shay with Nora and Aunt Camie
Shay loves babies! 

 Cute cousins on Nora's Blessing Day

 Mama and her blessed baby

 Daddy and flying Nora!

 At City Creek with little Nora and the most hilarious face

 One of my most favorite pictures of Mom and Don giving loves to baby Nora

Falling asleep on Grandma & Grandpa's rug. Too cute. 

 Nora was very good on the flight home from Utah 

 Trying to stay warm at the doctor's office- she's 2 months old here! 
 Wearing her little outfit that Uncle Jay brought her from Nicaragua 
while he was working on Survivor! 

These faces were hilarious. haha.

 I loved this little cheetah dress. 
 One of my favorite outfits that our good friend Cami got her! The cutest little lace romper. 

 This was on our anniversary! We watched our wedding video with Nora and felt so grateful for how far we have come in this life and how blessed we feel to have her! 

I love this little series of smiles!

 Also part of our anniversary weekend! Visiting the art museum. 

 Elvis smile?

 She fell asleep under her play gym. 

 Gangster Nora. Jason was obssesed with these photos. Ha. 

 Another of my favorites with her cute friend Oscar. 

 Morning snuggles!

 Baby Blake and Baby Nora! Little friends. 

 More morning snuggles. These were the best. Alas, she does not do this anymore. :(

 Adventure day in Austin this summer. We went to the Farmer's market,
 East Side King and Lick with friends. A good day. 

 Fun in the bumbo!
 We loved this photo because it looked like Nora's first selfie! 
 Family selfie!

 Cute face!
 At the pool with Mom! 

 Cutest smiles on the boppy! 

 Nora's first baseball game! 

 Nora trying out her first Harley! 

  A family of BYU fans! 

 BYU babes selfie!

 One of my favorite outfits! 

 Asleep on the ottoman at Grammy and Grandpa's in Dallas

Family hike at the bridge at 360!

That's it for this one. Phew. 

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  1. I love every single one. Although with it being 45 degrees outside right now I kept thinking, get some clothes on that baby! I love seeing how she grows into what she looks like now. Even in this post alone, she looks like a newborn baby with the adorable newborn lip and then sure enough, that smile brightens and she grows into the Nora we know now!