Nora iFavorites 1-2 months

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Here are our phone favorites from when Nora was 1 month until 2 months old! July- August! 

Happy girl!!

Finally got her to sleep in the carrier and left her in there so I could get some peace!

1 month old photoshoot! 

Sleepy girl

Belly shirt!

Dolphin onesie and power to the people! 
Like grandaughter, like Grandfather. 

Bath smiles!

Bikini baby

Enjoying her first books that Mom reads to her! 

Hanging on the Boppy with mom. Loved that onesie too! 

Meeting sweet "Auntie Megan and Uncle Erik"

6 weeks old! Her first Sunday at church! So cute.

One of Jason's favorite photos from tummy time!

A little concerned?

Another favorite outfit :)

We call this "pirate eye" when her bows get stuck on her face :) 
It provides great entertainment occasionally!

Pretty eyes. 

Mommy and baby selfie. (She gets much better at these later on)

Another tummy time favorite

Mommy's first haircut while holding a baby. 

Outlet mall trip in her cute dress Cami got her! 

Love this face!

The cutest progression of smiles and faces:

And some great photo collages of her faces! 

Smiles for Grandpa Jedd in Idaho

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