Nora iFavorites 0-1 month

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

I feel like I've been doing a good job keeping track of big things in Nora's life on this here blog but there are so many daily moments that are being missed that I want to try to catch up and then not fall behind. Nora is changing every day and I don't want to forget how she was! So here's the first installment of catching up!

Here are the iPhone favorites from the first month of her life!

 Still a little swollen after birth! Day 1 of her life.

 Day 2 of her life- those cheeks!! (And her hair looks dark!)

 Day 2 all swaddled up

 Day 3- Before heading home!

 So serious and so beautiful. 

 The swing that saved our life those first few days, weeks, and months! 

 So tiny in her carseat! 
 Those lips! And how cute is sleeping on her hand like that?

 One of the few pictures I captured while my Mom and Stepdad were here during the first week of her life. It was pretty chaotic but I'm grateful for their help and getting to meet my Nora. Grandmas are the best and Nora has 3 great ones. 

8 days old- I remember being so excited this day. I thought I was figuring this whole thing out since we fed her right before leaving to go out and she slept through all of lunch (and I was proud of myself for going out to lunch 8 days after delivery!). We went to P Terry's and things didn't seem THAT bad. But looking back, I was having a lot of troubles nursing and she wouldn't look happy for this picture so I wouldn't post it. But she was so tiny and precious. Hindsight is 20/20 but it's so important to savor those moments when they are tiny. 
(But she is certainly lots more fun now!) 

 12 days old- Us both trying to get some sleep.

 The first onesie Jason ever bought her. Before we knew she was a girl. It was on Black Friday of Thanksgiving while I was asleep. I was 14 weeks pregnant. We both especially loved this little one because it was such a victory to us at this point after a long road. 

 Another of my favorites on one of my first days as stay at home mom. I sent Jason this picture while he was at work. I thought it was so cute that we were both in our chairs. Her little version of mine. 
 (I think she lasted about 10 minutes in that bouncer but I would take what I could get back then).

 Day 13- Mimi and Grandpa Jedd come to visit. They had so many sweet moments and were so good with her. I was grateful for their help and their company. 

Day 14- This was the firs time I really got why people were obsessed with babies. She fell asleep in my arms and was so soft and cuddly. I remember just savoring it and letting her sleep as long as she needed. And it was the first time I think I thought- "I can do this" and where I really really felt that pure love that only a mother can feel for her baby. 

 A big day- we went to The Domain (a mall) with Karen and Jedd and everyone wanted to peek at her-she was so cute and tiny. It wore her out though since she looked like this when we got home. 

I think this was her first iPhone "photo shoot" where we just thought she looked 
so cute and just snapped dozens of photos. 

 Hanging with Grandpa Jedd. Look how skinny she is! 

 Falling asleep in my arms (that never happens now!) And those lips! So kissable. 

 Just hanging with Mom. 

 Post nursing snuggles and sleep. The best. 

 Naked baby!

20 days old- I was loving these pants! I can't get over how tiny she is here! 

 The first smiles were starting!! 

 Happy girl!

 Not her most flattering but entertaining nonetheless!

 O I love this photo. Such soft skin and I loved that hair tie. 

My good friend Caroline got Nora these swaddles so I wanted to take a picture. She was so asleep that Jason could hold her up and she just stayed that way. 

And one sideways video of hiccups! 

Thanks for indulging me as I capture these moments on our blog!


  1. This makes me so excited to meet our baby. She is just so sweet and cute!!

  2. I just tried leaving a comment but I don't think it worked, argh! She is sooo adorable though and I love all her outfits. It's such a good idea to share all these phone photos from the beginning days. I have so many phone photos that mean a lot to me but they are just buried in my photo library. And thanks for sharing that photo of her in the swaddle blanket, so precious!