College Station + Cory Visit

Thursday, September 4, 2014

A few weeks ago we were excited to go visit our good friends Cory, Natalie and their new baby Blake (who is just a few weeks older than Nora!). I had never been to College Station so I was excited to check out A&M and spend the day with them. Cory is in his last semester of a Masters in Human Resources and it was great to catch up with them!

Jason and Cory were roommates in college, in each other's weddings, and I knew Cory really well while Jason and I were dating and ever since. We love Natalie and of course, Baby Blake too. It's so fun that we each had our first kids so close!

 Blake and Nora meet for the first time!

 This is definitely my favorite picture of the trip. And it seriously happened naturally. 
Both Dads on diaper duty and they even color coordinated!

 Blake and Nora had lots of fun hanging out on the floor together and in their swings, strollers and during naps. How cute are they together? 

They were both smiling and "talking" and kicking their legs a ton! Here's a video to prove it:

After the babies got acquainted we headed to A&M to see campus!

 Here is Reveille. Not sure her story. . .

 A cool door in the student building. I forgot to read the plaque!

 These boys. Seriously seeing them together brings back so many fun times from college!

 Natalie and I had to get at least one photo together!

 Such pretty trees on campus

 Ok this one was slightly posed but it was pretty funny to see us with our strollers. 
Times have changed since college!


 Another famous building.....

 The Aggieland Water Tower!

 One of the buildings was named after this guy but I forgot. 
It was over 100 degrees in my defense and we were sooooo hot!

 The football stadium-they are remodeling it and it
 still had a long way to go but football season has started!

And to cap our day off right we went to the famous Layne's Chicken for a chicken basket. We enjoyed it although it was probably 90 degrees in there so we weren't too sad to leave!

We had such a great day with y'all! Thanks for letting us come visit! 
This parenting thing can be pretty fun sometimes :)

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