Pool Days with Nora

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

We had a few fun pool days with Nora this summer! 
It's better shown through photos- so enjoy!

Love this face and the swim cap!

These photos were at 12 weeks and she enjoyed swimming around!

Earlier swimming pics....
Her first pool day! 
She slept through it and never left her carseat, she was just 3 weeks old here!

 Baby bikini at almost 6 weeks old! This night we planned to go to the pool and it started raining but at least got a cute photo!

Ok this was her first real pool day at 7 weeks! She didn't know what to think of the water and she got really tired and was falling asleep in the water! 
We put her in her carseat and she fell sound asleep!

Tired pool baby!

Pool days are ending for this summer but next year she should be much more interested so we can look forward to that! 

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  1. I just want to squish her so bad!! There's nothing better than baby rolls in a bathing suit!