Nora Meets Her Grandparents

Friday, July 18, 2014

Since Nora is lucky enough to have 6 grandparents, I felt it warranted a whole post to show her meeting each set and their sweet encounters.

Dad and Carol were first at the hospital-they came down from Dallas and actually saw me 2 times in labor before she arrived! We politely kicked them out so I could deliver the baby! ha!

They were nice enough to bring us dinner and take good care of us while in the hospital. I even gave Dad a few house projects, and of course, he obliged. We went to visit in Dallas again last weekend and Nora loves her Grandpa Wes and Grammy C!

 Grandpa Wes hanging with Nora
 Grammy C and Grandpa Wes

So fun to see my dad as a Grandpa with my baby!

Mom and Don came down too to meet baby Nora! They arrived while we were in the hospital and we got to have all 4 parents together for a little photo shoot. I feel so blessed to have grown up with these 4 wonderful parents in my life. Nora is so lucky to have them as her grandparents-I can't wait for her to laugh, run, and create memories with each of them. 

 Her Grandmas!
 Her Grandpas
The Originals :)

Mom and Don stayed through the first week of chaos at our house. They were so helpful at helping keep us sane through those tough times. Don mowed and edged our front and back yards and Mom made dinners. They also helped hold Nora while she slept and let us take some breaks. I think we wore them out with Nora's crying but she was already improving loads by the time they left. We are so glad they came and she got to spend time with them.

Grandpa Don and Grandma

And last, but not least-Jason's parents, Karen and Jedd came for a week to see our sweet Nora. We had such a good trip with them! Jedd watched Nora every morning at 5 so I could sleep a few more hours. Karen and Jedd took her for walks in the stroller and we all watched a lot of World Cup and Wimbledon. They made us good dinners and we of course, took them to the outlet mall for a Nike trip. Nora loved spending time with them and I think the feeling was mutual. 

Jason took these beautiful photos of them and I was so impressed! 

 Grandpa and Mimi
 Had to include this one as it is so "Karen!"

We love all of Nora's grandparents and are so excited for all the time she 
will get to spend with them in the coming years. 
Thanks for coming to see her and helping us with our new addition. 
We love y'all!

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  1. I'm convinced that grandparents are absolutely essential with babies!! I'm so glad they all got to come down! How fun!