Bluebonnet Photos

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

We had been looking forward to taking our family photos in the bluebonnets and cute pictures of Nora for awhile but we had a few obstacles that made it all the more interesting!

For the family photos we had a day all picked out and then of course, it was misting and then started raining. Then half the time the remote wasn't working so I was running back and forth between the tripod and Jason and trying to keep Nora focused. . . in the rain. It was a comedy of errors to say the least! We were happy we got at least 1 good one!

Because of the rain, we couldn't get any individual photos of Nora so we had to try again a different day. On that day, Nora was her normal sweet smiley self and then she just started crying and fussing and we couldn't figure out what was wrong. We still got some cute photos but we never knew what was going on with her! After we got home though, I found a big bug bite on her big toe so she must have gotten hurt and been sad! We felt so bad! She obviously recovered quickly and was fine but it all made sense why she wasn't her usual happy self.

Anyways, enjoy the photos from the beautiful bluebonnets!

 And then our sweet girl!

Sad girl. The end of the photo shoot! Pick me up Mom!

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