Nora iFavorites 7-8 Months

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Our phone favorites from January-February from when Nora was 7 months old!

 My cute little morning buddy
 I can't remember why there aren't any pants here but I'm guessing a blowout!
 Becoming a big girl and playing with her letters on the fridge!
 One of my top favorite outfits ever! And that sweet face!
 Apparently there was a time when we let her wear bows while eating! That is definitely NOT the case now. haha. 
 Trying to get a good selfie while waiting for daddy. Stoic Nora did not want to participate. 
 We are so glad when Daddy comes home! 
 Nora enjoyed her first birthday party! Happy Birthday Maya!
 Trying out some chairs at Ikea!
 Hanging in her new playroom!
 Nora and I were matching with our leggings and sweaters! 
 Just watching fan! 
 Waking up after bedtime and just needing some snuggles 
while Mom and Dad watching Blue Bloods. 

 Another stoic selfie with Daddy!
 Ready for a fun day in Austin!
 Hanging at Terry Blacks!
 "Nora's Sunday Best! "She did great at church today (after the pre church meltdown). Also Jason and I have decided parenting is hard sometimes."
 One of my favorite pictures of us at the Austin Zoo with our friends!
 Cute bathtime girl!
 Another of my favorite outfits! 
 Just hanging with Mom in the new playroom! We are buds!
 Helping Dad work from home! 
 Kitty girl!
 Not sure why I took this but I'm guessing it was because she rolled over? ha. 

 The cuteness! I love this outfit too. She's just such a doll. 
 Day at the park with friends- my caption from Instagram: 
"My good friend Cami forced me out of the house today (I've got a nasty head cold and really didn't want to get off the couch) It was a beautiful day at the park and it helped cheer me up a little. Plus Allisa made me take a picture with Nora. She said us mommies don't take enough pics with our babes and we need to remember these sweet simple days with our little ones. Thanks friends."
"She literally gnawed happily on apple slice for 20 minutes. 
Then once I grabbed my phone I got THIS face! Silly girl"

We love you Nora!

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