Nora iFavorites 8-9 Months

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Here are our favorite phone photos from February to March when Nora was 8 months old!

Valentine's Photo Shoot
Shopping at JCPenney with Mom. This was her "stick out her tongue" for every photo phase!

My happy girl

Just hanging with Trey at dropoff time. Trey wanted to be wherever Nora was :)

Just a reminder that life isn't always smiles with this one! I can't remember why she was upset though. I think it was post nap confusion or teething?

Family trail walking at Mayfield Park
My two cuties!
Cute clean girl

Nora's Sunday Best!
Having lunch together! Eating apples
One of my favorite outfits! 
Loving the swing!
Being home with this sweet girl is often full of smiles! I love her so much! 
She was also in a "hair eating" phase. 

The sweetest mid-nursing smile! 
Waiting for Daddy to come home after a walk!
Park date!
Nora's Sunday Best!
Happy bath baby
This face! That smile! That hat!
Happy time with Mom

Reading before bed with Dad!
Someone loves the library!
Practicing her hoops!
Learning to drive!
Unsure of the coat at the grocery store
Tickle time with Dad
#Selfie #Cutie

All dressed up for church!

We love you Sweet Nora! 

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