Nora at 11 Months

Sunday, May 31, 2015

All about Nora at 11 months! Can't believe she will be 1 year old in just 1 week! eeeeek!

At 11 Months:
  • Nora is crawling like crazy, can go super fast up the stairs, loves to wander all around the downstairs looking for Mommy or Daddy or getting into trouble. 
  • She also loves to climb on our end tables, and into small spaces/nooks and often gets stuck!
  • She walks with Mommy and Daddy when we hold her hands. 
  • Still eats lots of things and most things but not to be confused with always eating everything. She really goes in stages of boycotting foods for days or weeks and then liking them again. Her current favorite is pulling all food out of her mouth to see what it is. If it passes the test, she puts it back in, if it doesn't she throws it on the floor (much to our dismay). 
  • Nurses 4 times a day: after waking up, mid morning (usually after her morning nap), after her afternoon nap and before bed. She now actively pulls at my shirt asking for it but I try to keep her to just those 4 per day. 
  • Still a great sleeper but has been waking up "early" at around 7:30 or 7:45 (her norm before was 8:30-9:30) so we aren't sure if it's an age thing or a summer light thing?
  • Has the cutest pigtails! People love them when they see them and are always saying how cute they are and that she looks like a doll. :)
  • She just has the sweetest personality and I love spending my days with her. She is seriously hilarious throughout the day: getting into trouble, just looking at me and smiling for no reason, it really is like she's my little best friend at home with me. 
  • She is just starting to "play" with her older friends or rather it's okay if they tackle/hug/tickle etc. She thinks they are funny often and seems to be intrigued by them. 
  • Still whines for things but does know how to sign "more" and does it for friends or to us for food. 
  • Still does great in the car and just talks and holds her blanket. 
  • Is sucking her fingers less than before so that's good.
  • If she is riding in a shopping cart she insists on having some kind of snack to keep her occupied even though I tried to keep away from this habit but it deemed impossible. 

We love you sweet girl!

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  1. Nora is so sweet! I just love the fourth one up from the bottom, with the huge smile :) Such a darling girl!