Dallas Trip for Nora's Birthday

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

For Nora's birthday weekend we headed to Dallas to see Dad and Carol.

Of course we had to stop at Bucee's on the way since it's pretty much our favorite place! Nora went around gathering up all the things she wanted. It was adorable. We finally bought her a BUCEE since it was her birthday weekend! Usually we make her put everything back.

Texas girls! 

On Saturday- we took a walk to the clubhouse with our mini fashionista:

Later we visited the yacht club and walked out to the water-it was a pretty day! 

32.5 weeks pregnant here! 

Trying to keep Nora from launching into the lake!

Family selfie- Nora is thrilled obviously! 

Then it was time for Nora's little family birthday party Carol put on for her!
 It was jungle themed and she loved it! She even got her the cutest little jungle dress!
Cutest animal plates

This girl is blessed with the best grandparents! 

Opening presents!

Blowing out the candles on her cupcake cake! 

All her favorite foods for the party! Chips and guacamole and watermelon! Lucky girl! 

This was the CUTEST cake- I was obsessed! 

Opening her picnic basket! This is one of her most favorite toys. 

She also got a doctor's kit and she loves it! She's always making adults play doctor with her! 

Even the dog needed a checkup.....

And Grandpa too! She wanted to make sure he was healthy :)
 Thanks for kicking Nora's birthday off right-we love y'all! 

We also took Dad and Carol out for Hibachi as our annual tax thank you dinner! It was such a fun time and so yummy! Plus Aunt Karen and Uncle Roger watched Nora 
and she had a blast so it was a win for all! Thanks Karen!!

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