Back to Work!

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

My old office was in a bind for a few weeks in between full time positions so they asked me to step in and help! It was fun to go back to my old stomping grounds and make a little cash!

I had some friends watch Nora for a few days and it was crazy being away from her-I literally really hadn't unless she was with family or Jason. So to just drop her off all day and go to work was an interesting experiment. By the end of a couple weeks she knew what was going on and didn't love me leaving which made ti all the much harder! But I knew it was good for both of us and such a short time.

Plus it was a great way to see everyone again before we ended up moving! Thanks for the good times AHS. I only snapped a couple boring selfies but I really did enjoy diving back into work again. A good little experiment for me if I want to do any work with kiddos in the future (which I have been contemplating in some form).

I got cute pictures like this of Nora from Jaymie:

She and Matt watched Nora one day and I know she LOVED IT! They took her to the park and played lots and she had so much fun. 

Post park humidity hair

These sweet pictures made my day! 

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