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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

All the random phone photos from May: Nora would have been 23 months old here and I was 7 months pregnant

Dinner at this cute restaurant just because after Sweet Berry Farms! 

I got this awesome Fish and Chips and Nora approved...mainly of the french fries! 

Nora's Sunday Best! One of my favorite dresses ever with kiwis on it! 

Yogi baby
Yoga with Daddy when he got home from work! 

Meeting Baby Nolan at the hospital. She was in love! 

So sweet!!
Nolan is a popular kiddo!!

Matching besties!

Taking care of her baby at Allison's house
She won that straw at HEB that day and was very excited.

Dell night at the Round Rock Express-Jason took Nora because I had a church activity! 

She obviously loved it! Such a fun tradition. 

Park day with my little fair skinned baby!

Fashionista much?

This girl LOVES mowing the lawn!!

She only does these poses for Daddy! 

Nora's Sunday best! 
Wearing Mommy's shoes!
Miss Amber checking out her hair-she said not to cut it so we still haven't! 

I'm guessing this was a tired mommy morning of coloring and shows. 

This was a tough week! Nora had a little cold and we stayed away from friends for so long-which is hard for us! Plus it was super rainy and I wasn't feeling great either being 30 weeks pregnant which meant we spent a fair amount of time like this on the couch-which never happens with Nora! 

She even woke up in the night so we knew something was wrong. Took her to the doctor the next day or so and she had a horrible ear infection! She never had ear infections before so I didn't know what to look for. #badmom. 

A visit from Uncle Matt
Just wanted to document her beautiful hair!

Getting checked out at the doctor

This was teh "will you forgive me" ice cream since she had an ear infection and Mom didn't realize! Antibiotics cleared it right up :)

Happy morning girl

A festival we went to-Nora dancing away!

This was an outdoor sympony concert and we all loved it! They played their yearly favorites, it was beautiful weather and of course we brought snacks. 
Nora lasted almost the full show which is also rare! 

Spying on my big nursery girl! 
Just a regular dress up girl! 
Jamming out waiting for one of mommy's many OB appointments
Hat Creek for dinner! 

"Helping" Mommy after she helped feed the missionaries for zone conference. Can't be mad when she looks that cute with a brownie! 

I could be mad in this case since she threw her plate all over and was throwing a fit. 
My biggest pet peeve! Argh. 
Fun daddy on the slide

Book club at my house! 
Exploring the Nike outlet 

"Hiding" at the outlets
Cutest poser

Wishing Kathy a happy birthday with Allison and Holland! 
Hanging with her bud Makaio

Cheeseball helping Daddy outside
Cutest Daddy snuggles

Helping Mommy make cookies! 

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