IVF Fest

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

It's not something we have really ever publicly announced but we went to a fertility center in Austin to help us have both our beautiful girls! We love Texas Fertility Center and Dr. Hansard and are grateful to them for helping us on a long trying journey that brought us our greatest blessings.

Please feel free to talk to Jason and me about IVF or fertility or anything really- we are open books these days but originally kept things private when we didn't know how our life would turn out. We know how hard the infertility journey can be and it's so important to have support along the way so seriously call, text, email or find us if you need help navigating! We will do our best. :)

Anyways, every year the fertility center hosts a Baby Reunion for all the patients (us) to bring our babies (Nora) to see the doctors and nurses. It's a big big party and so fun to go. It literally brings tears to my eyes to see so many families, kids and pregnant women happy on a beautiful day. How amazing is technology these days that we can have babies despite lots of obstacles? So cool! Anyways, they had snacks, a bounce house, snow cones, a petting zoo, balloon animals, photo ops, and tons of toys etc. It's just a fun day at a beautiful Austin ranch to celebrate our family! It was fun returning this year pregnant again! Sadly, we didn't get a photo op with our doctor because she was in emergency surgery the whole day and missed the party but I'm glad she was there for whomever needed her.

Thanks TFC- we love you! 

 Just lounging around

 Trying to stay cool with snow cones in the heat!!

 I think she liked the cupcakes :)

First time trying T-ball

It was sunny! And HOT!

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