Sweet Berry Farm Visit

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

There's no way around that I'm a full 4 months behind on blogging... so I'm just starting from where I left off and diving in! So that's the first of May with a Saturday trip to Sweet Berry Farm for strawberry picking with friends to celebrate Rose's third birthday!

It was a beautiful day and we kept things simple by bringing a picnic lunch, picking strawberries and enjoying nice weather and friends. Most of the time Nora wandered around with a giant chip bag much to my dismay (insert laughing emoticon here). She also wanted to pick all the non-ripe strawberries but we had a lot of fun overall. And aren't those photos of her with Trey just the cutest? I'm planning an arranged marriage for them already :) Nora was 23 months old here-just before her birthday! I was 28 weeks pregnant also.

 Little buds! 

 28 weeks pregnant
 Strawberry face!

 When I was pregnant with Nora we went to Sweet Berry Farm and it was exactly 2 years before at this time! So I was 38 weeks pregnant with Nora on the left 
and 28 weeks pregnant with Venna on the right.

 Happy birthday cute Rosie!

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