Nora's Birthday Party

Sunday, October 9, 2016

We had another great birthday party for Nora's second birthday! I found this cute cowgirl skirt and it inspired me to have a cowgirl birthday for her! She also had the cute boots and it was just meant to be!

We invited all her little friends for Texas sheet cake and ice cream in the backyard and it was a lovely night. We were so blessed with amazing friends in Texas and a great entertaining (read: BIG) backyard!

Cowgirl decor! 

Greeting her little friend Finn! 

With her most favorite Auntie Jen! 

Love my little family of 3 here! 

Getting tickled by her little boy friends! 

Is that the cutest smile or what?

Just a cowgirl playing ladderball!

Blowing out her candle! Great form Nora! 

Enjoying her plunder! 

Most of her little friends who came! A few missed the photo but Bryn kind of steals the show right in front, don't you think?

My girl and her momma! 

She has my heart! 

Beautiful candid shot captured my friend Allisa of Allisa Latham photography 

Happy Birthday Nora-we love you! 

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