Cinco de Mayo Party

Monday, October 10, 2016

We couldn't just let Cinco de Mayo pass by without a celebration! I mean who wouldn't want delicious tacos, chips and guacamole on Cindo de Mayo???

We had a beautiful night out on in our backyard with all my favorite people. Nora wore her little Mexican dress and it was a great night! Of course, I had to do Cinco de Mayo trivia and Holli brought Jarritos and Horchata for drinks! Another great party for the books.

The delicious spread! Carnitas tacos courtesy of me! 

Amber selfie with a Tim photobomb
Love love these ladies! Margo, Holli, Cami, Amber, Kasee, Allisa, Jen 

Love Jen's pose here.
spirit fingers? Also why don't we make our husbands recreate these photos??
I made watermelon popsicles and the kids LOVED them! They ate a couple each!
 Isn't Nora's dress the sweetest?
Cute popsicle girls accidentally all dressed in pink! 
Love Dell's face here!
The cuteness!!

Just two little buds chilling. Oscar and Trey. 

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