Austin Date Night-Pregnant Edition

Monday, October 10, 2016

I'm trying to hard to catch up and then I stumble on more photos that can't be missed! We squeezed in a final date night before both our babies came! We went to Austin to a pizza place called 100 Pizzitas and it was super cute. They literally have 100 pizzas to choose from but they are small and you choose a few to try and there are all kinds of crazy ones with foie gras or shrimp or other combinations. It was so nice just getting to chat and have an adult evening with friends. We love the Macias and they were by far one of the hardest things to leave in Austin!

27.5 weeks pregnant! 

I was 27.5 weeks pregnant and she was 38.5 weeks pregnant here! So our babies are so close in age! She was my first friend when we moved to Round Rock and we have been through so much in 5 years. I've been so lucky to have you by my side! 

BUMP picture

Juan refuses to take a normal photo but these guys are best buds too 

Such a cute little Austin restaurant

We tried a bunch of fun ones! 

Then we walked dirty 6th street down to Voodoo Doughnuts! 
We found a couple famous murals along the way. 

All the options! 

It was our first time and I was definitely a fan! 
Still love Gordough's but it's a different kind of donut for sure. 

Thanks for a great date night Austin! 

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