Nora's 2nd BirthDAY!

Monday, October 10, 2016

Now that I've blogged Nora's birthday party and her birthday weekend in Dallas it's time for her actual birthday with just Jason and I at home.

I gave her a few little presents to open (these are cute hand me down toys from Amber!) 

These were presents from Grandma Sue (now called Ga Ga). She LOVES this book with the microphone you can sing into. I REALLY love it. Thanks mom! 

Opening her big Amazon box of presents from Mimi and Grandpa Jedd! It was so fun to watch her! She loves the tea set especially!! 

I found this car at a garage sale for $5 and waited until her birthday to show it to her! She loves it and it's always a favorite when friends come to play. I usually make Daddy push her though! 

And her final gift from Daddy: a little scooter! Jason's been wanting her to have one but I knew she was too little so I got her a combination one that you can stand or sit on. She couldn't figure out the standing so we switched to sitting and it was a success. That first night on her birthday Jason pushed her down our driveway probably 50 times and every time her face just lit up and she was so happy! (another parenting win since Jason wanted to buy a new one for $65ish and I found it on Facebook for $15 in great condition. BOOM!) 

Happy second birthday sweet girl! 
You deserve the world and we love you so much Nora! 

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