Time for Change

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Back in February on a trip to Dallas Jason casually mentioned that he wanted to consider a new job. He wasn't really happy with his position at Dell anymore and just felt like there wasn't any more room for growth there. Plus, 5 years at any company is a good amount of time and he was ready for some change and to experience a new company and new challenges. I was 3 months pregnant and said that of course I wanted him to be happy and that he should starting looking for a new job in Austin right away. I didn't even want to consider leaving Round Rock and told him that I wanted to have our baby in Austin and be with my friends etc. He consented to look for a job in Austin for the time being but wanted me to be open to other places also.

Jason looked for a few months and worked with a local recruiter with no luck. So at this point I consented to let him look in the Salt Lake area (where he had some connections left from BYU and previous Dell co workers).

Soon after, he got a interview in Utah for a company called Instructure. It was a complicated process since he was filling a position for someone going overseas and we further complicated things by only being available to start at certain times because of the baby. We didn't know for awhile if it was going to work out and my emotions were being pulled back and forth between wanting to leave and wanting to stay.

FINALLY, in July he got an official offer and we accepted. Jason was so excited for a new company and a new job. Of course my mom was thrilled that we were moving back and Jason's brother Brady is also in Salt Lake. Plus Jason's parents are only a 2.5 hour drive away and his older brother Michael is just 3 hours away in the opposite direction. Also we do have lots of friends here from college days and others that have moved from Texas back to Utah. So there were lots of things that made us excited about Utah. Plus, it's really important to me that Jason be happy where he works. If he is going to spend all day 5 days a week away from us then I want him to enjoy what is he doing for all that time!

But man was I heartbroken to leave all my amazing friends in Round Rock and an awesome church ward. We were so blessed with so many friends and wonderful people in our life and I knew that I wouldn't have that just anywhere that we went.

So at about 38 weeks pregnant we accepted the job offer and planned to sell our house, buy a new house and have the baby just like that! I'll write more as we go along in this adventure. 

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