Selling the House

Sunday, October 30, 2016

I don't want to forget all the parts of our move that were both great and crazy! Selling our house was crazy. We got our offer for the job in Utah and found a realtor just a couple days later. Lauren met with us on a Sunday I believe and it was posted the following Friday or so? So it happened fast! We de-cluttered the house some, had the carpets cleaned and had professional photos taken before listing.

After our listing went live we had about 5 or 6 showings and on the last day (about 4 days in) we got a great full price offer. They were another young family with one little girl and it just felt meant to be! We accepted their offer on July 27 and were so happy to have that part done with! Sadly, our house looked amazing and we really didn't want to leave it! haha. But we were grateful it was a relatively pain free process overall and are happy that others will appreciate it as much as us.

Goodbye house. We loved you so much. We brought both our babies home to you. Lots of parties, laughing and love was held here! Fiestas and egg tosses in the backyard. Friends playing in the front yard and friendly caring neighbors. You will truly be missed!! Thanks for being our perfect first home.

This made things seem so real! 

Our home!

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  1. It is always difficult to leave a home where great memories have been made, but those memories won't be lost. My husband and I have moved several times for our careers, and it is a time of mixed emotions. While this may have been a bit difficult, I do hope you'll love the new home you will find for your family.