July Summer Fun

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The last of the random July photos that have to be documented! 

Jason being an awesome Daddy while I was big and pregnant! (He always is but more so then) 

Surprise birthday dinner for Drew! 

Front yard fun 

Isn't this the sweetest? Main street walking after the splash pad and then headed for Kawaii Ice! 

HOTT this day for sure! 

Checking out the plants at Home Depot 

Figured out how to get out of her zip pajamas! 

Buying fresh Texas peaches! 

Dress like a cow day at Chick Fil A! You get free food! It was great. 
Jason went for all 3 meals (eye roll). 

Cutest cows I've seen! 

One of our final Austin date nights to a place I'd been dying to try: Clark's Oyster Bar! We went for the famous burger (ironically) but did get some grilled oysters too that were great! 

Those fries were OUTSTANDING. Probably the best fries and burger I've ever had. 

Then we went to Bribery Bakery for dessert after dinner and it was a great night! 

Nora claimed these chips for herself. And also wanted to eat them right then I guess?

Prego belly! This is about 2 weeks before. 

Nora's Sunday Best! 
Nora in a basket! 

Loved these cute photos of her outside! Such happiness! 

Then Daddy came home and they were looking at airplanes
Love her hair and this dress for summer was so so cute! 

Having a tea party! 

So silly! Trying on Daddy's shoes

Ice cream date! 

Summer girl at Hat Creek! 

Last day at Blue Hole with the Cavanaughs! We went with them the year before too. Good memories 

"Helping" bake cookies with Mom

Looking at books at the library

Playing the ukulele at Holli's house


My model girl! Isn't she gorgeous?!

Such happiness! July 28- This was our last day together just the two of us before I had the baby the next day! Good memories. Love you sweet Nora- you will always be my first baby! 

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