Summer Fun- June

Monday, October 17, 2016

We had such a fun summer in Texas! We went to the pool every Friday morning for playgroup and other random days too. We also did Splash pads and playing in the water table in the backyard. Nora ended up LOVING the pool and became fearless! She loved to jump in over and over and over! It made my heart happy compared to last summer where she had NO interest at all. Splash pads being fun definitely still eluded her though. I think she didn't like the water hitting her in the face etc. But maybe next summer!

So here's our summer adventures from June.

Snacktime with dropoff friends! 

The most popular chair there ever was!

Making sure Bryn is included! 

Crazy hair!! 

Falling asleep on the way to the doctor

Playing with Dad at the pool

Baby bum crack

Set up the sprinkler and the water table in the backyard for summer fun! 

Splash pad with Jen and kiddos! 

What do you do on a hot day in Texas? Visit the pet store for an outing. 

Then grab NY pizza afterwards! Yum! 
Nora's Sunday Best! 

"Helping" Mom cut up watermelon

Cooling off in the car after a hot time at the park 

Love her princess hair here

Cutest buds!!

Learning how to set the table! She's a good helper even if her distribution needs some work-lol
Play dough! 

Playdough eyes! 

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