Nora's First Dance Class

Monday, October 17, 2016

This summer I signed Nora up for her first dance class at the rec center! I was so excited since it was 2 and up and started teh week after she turned 2! Luckily we had some cute hand me down dance clothes from friends so she was pretty much set!

I made her take some photos at home first but managed to get some good ones in class too. Sorry for the photo overload but I took some each of the 4 weeks she did it since she was just THAT cute!

The class was a "Kinder Tots" class so they did lots of stretching and moving like a butterfly etc. Nora really loved the somersaults on the mat part and dancing with scarves. It was super casual and we both loved it overall. Nora did get overwhelmed sometimes and sucked her fingers but I figure little by little! We haven't done any more dance classes for now but think we will try again in the future!

She loved picking her scarf color and always wanted to pick me one too.

With cute little friends

Examining her sticker at the end

One day we went shopping after dance class and she wanted to hold this watermelon! I was dying. 

Love you tiny dancer. 

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