Wednesday, October 12, 2016

This summer I wanted to soak up all my last 1 on 1 time with Nora (and friends too!) before the baby came! I initiated a few activities with friends to enjoy the summer and this one was a hit! A giant trampoline gym that we literally had to ourselves the whole time. BONUS: We moms had as much fun, if not more fun than the kiddos. Nora took a little while to warm up and then she loved it! We ran back and forth and chased each other and I did some big bounces despite my 30+ week belly (if anyone but 16 year old boys were running it I'm sure they wouldn't have let me bounce due to liability restrictions but those boys probably didn't even notice I was pregnant.)

We even made it marathon fun with Chick fil a afterwards. A great summer day! 

How Nora feels about trying to take photos with her mom

Chick fil a lunch! I think this was the first time she played in the whole
 thing and never got stuck! I think? Can't quite remember. 

Post nap snuggles! Love my Nora girl. 

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