June Utah visit

Monday, October 17, 2016

In June we had an impromptu trip to Utah. We didn't talk too much about it at the time because the real reason we went was because Jason was interviewing for a job and they paid for him to come out. Since we were strongly considering a move to Utah- I insisted on coming along with Nora to house hunt and decide if this was really what we wanted for our family. Unfortunately it was LITERALLY the week after Nora's 2nd birthday so we had to pay for 2 flights. 

It was a nice trip seeing my parents but was pretty stressful overall as we tried to fit in visiting lots of houses and decide our future. We looked at old houses, new houses, building houses and tried to drive around and get a feel for things all in the few days we were there (with Jason). Nora and I stayed behind to party with Grandma and Grandpa after he left though. And of course we did squeeze in some fun! 

A day trip to Provo to hike to Bridal Veil falls with Gaga! Followed by some Swig and Wendy's for Nora and then a little look at the temple! 

Saw the new Provo temple 

Practiced our accounting skills

Did lots of playing with water outside! 

Hiking in the rocks at Bridal Veil Falls -I stayed back since I was 8 months pregnant! 

Walking with Gaga

Our little singer

Grandma playing Let it Go - her favorite! 

Reading books with Grandpa

Reading books with Grandma

A trip to the outlets has to include pretzels! 

Helping Grandma do the laundry- she's actually pretty good at this! 

A Nora burrito

Sleepy girl at the airport with a donut 

She loved having a window seat! 

Nachos to share for lunch on the way back home to TX

Looks like Nora took this selfie! hehe

And a few pictures from Grandma's phone: 
This is "her" cupboard at Grandma and Grandpa's house. 
She plays with all the water bottles on the daily. 
Swinging with Grandpa
Getting spoiled with popsicles! 

Cutest summer girl! 

Sweet moments with Grandpa Don

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