Little Friends

Thursday, October 20, 2016

I couldn't document our summer or our final weeks in Round Rock without including all of Nora's little friends. She was so blessed with so many cute kids that we did playgroups, drop off groups, park days etc. with. I won't say they always got along perfectly but it was so fun to watch other cute littles grow up alongside Nora.

Here's dropoff one week when it was just girls;
so we had tea parties and played with stuffed animals. 

Cute Rosie

Lots of pool days on those hot days! Cute Brynn had just started joining the big kids! 

These two! Always getting into trouble but they love each other down deep. 
Trey is older so Nora likes to do what he does. 

More pool fun! 

Nora napped here one day while we were showing our house and when she woke up the kids watched a show together. Trey is sucking his fingers because Nora does. 

Building the animal train at Holli's house! We got this same puzzle because Nora loves it at her house. Holli says she knew all the animals! 
Snacktime at Holli's- Nora is meticulously examining pretzels?

Love this photo from summer park days! We went every Thursday at 8 or 9am before the heat got to be too much. We take turns picking up donuts and its such a fun morning. 
Great memories with ladies I love for sure! 

We miss and love you little friends! 

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