Girls' Nights

Thursday, October 20, 2016

It wouldn't be a good time in life if it didn't involved some girls' nights!  Thank goodness for a sweet husband who always indulges me for my need for girl talk and a break from Mommy life!

This was yoga night at church. As you can see I mainly went for the refreshments. HA!

This was Jen's birthday! We went for ice cream and stopped at CVS for some lady items on the way home. Of course a photo was needed to document these shirts! haha 

Happy birthday Jenny Boo Boo! 

This was fondue night at Bachelorette at Amber's house! I was very pregnant and told everyone I would wear my nightgown and DID! I also drizzled chocolate down my face like a pro. lol

Love these ladies in my life and miss them lots now that we are gone! 

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