Jay and Jess Visit

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

We had such fun with Jay and Jess at our house! Nora of course, was in heaven and I was grateful for the distraction from being pregnant and all the uncertainty of our upcoming life and happy for our family to be together!

 Cute photos like these don't hurt either! 
She loves Aunt Jess (way more than Uncle Jay-much to his dismay)

We went to Bull Creek for the morning one day with a picnic and it was lovely. Then I think everyone napped sufficiently well afterwards. Win win. 

Selfie stick skillz

I see a peek into the future here! :)

My brother still spoils me whenever we are together: opens car doors, pays for things, cleans my windows (and is constantly concerned for any and all danger in life-
I both LOVE and HATE this about him! haha) 

Hobby lobby with a toddler.....

Jess went back home and Jay stayed to see some friends for a few more days! Then we were lucky enough to get a little while longer with him so we "hiked" Mount Bonnell and it was beautiful! 

Love my brother! 

This picture is the ultimate "love me tiny human" photo.

And just two examples of Jay being an awesome uncle:

Thanks for visiting Jay and Jess! We love you! 

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