Fourth of July 2016

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

We love the Fourth of July! We started with our annual breakfast and fun at the Ashfords house! We always love that! Plus how cute are these little patriotic kiddos?

Cutest matching friends!!

Love this girl! 

 Cutest littles 

Then we headed to the pool and lunch and it was so fun! It obviously wore Nora out! So she napped and I headed to the airport to pick up Jay and Jess!! We were so excited to have them come visit! 

Nora was often skeptical of Uncle Jay but when she wasn't they were adorable together. 

He made her lots of pillow forts and played hide and seek etc. A great uncle. 

On the night of the Fourth we headed to Old Settler's park with some drinks and snacks to watch the fireworks. It was a gorgeous night! 

Playing ball waiting for the sun to go down

Love this guy

 Look at that belly!!

36.5 weeks pregnant
Love when she's on his shoulders! It's so cute. 

 A beautiful sunset
Playing with her light up Minnie


Family time with the selfie stick!! I love these people. 

Nora was scared of the fireworks at first but eventually liked them- pointing at the colors and saying POP POP...POP POP POP. She sat in my lap the whole time though and I didn't mind :) 

It was a beautiful night and we didn't even get stuck in too much traffic on the way home!

God Bless America! 

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