Group Date 2016

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Last year Jen and I planned a big group date where we went to dinner and karaoke and it was a blast! When a year rolled around this February we figured we ought to do it again! We got the gang together and went golfing at Top Golf where we ate dinner too and then headed to this Asian ice cream place that was super cool (check out the photos!).

We are blessed with so many great friends here in Texas (even Juan, who is hiding on purpose in these photos.)

We had a lot of fun riding in minivans and switching up who we rode with at each stop, making fun of each other's golf swings and eating ice cream that looked like food!

And special bonus, Jason's parents were in town to babysit! Win win. :)

Girl's selfie with the selfie stick! 
Jason "teaching" me how to golf!

Jen leaving me awesome selfies on my phone! 
Cute girls!
I actually loved this golf place! You can play different versions of golf where you try to get further away or certain color markers etc. I wasn't all that good but I had fun! 
The men, hanging around! 
Jason's got some good form! 
Dave-o and Juan-o
Lovebirds Tim and Jen! 
Golfie Selfie 

That selfie stick is worth it's weight in gold I tell ya! 
A little Just Dance before  heading to get ice cream! 

They call this "shaved ice" but they have all kinds of flavors and toppings. This is from Snow Monster in Austin. 

Thanks Jen for co-hosting with me and for my awesome friends always being willing to party!
 What would I do without them? And thanks Karen and Jedd for babysitting! 

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