Backyard Fun

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

With such a mild winter, Nora has been obsessed with constantly being outside. Unfortunately, she has reached the age where she can't be trusted to not run in the street or run off into trouble! So we try to spend more time in the backyard instead of always in the front yard where there are more potential dangers!

I'd been wanting to get her a few fun things for the backyard so when I saw this cute playhouse come up on my favorite Facebook Sale group I decided she had to have it! It was in great condition and it's so cute-she and her little friends love to play in it.

A lot of days Jason and I just go out there and watch her play and she "makes things in the kitchen" for us.

We still spend a lot of time in the front yard though- helping dad water the lawn, playing in the bird bath, eating snacks, going on walks etc. This girl loves being outside and can't get enough! 

It was so warm the other day I put this on her for playing in the water and we had some chips! :)

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