Karen and Jedd Come to Visit!

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Karen and Jedd came to visit in February and it was such a great quick trip! They always request some yummy food -which of course, we are always happy to provide!

They got in town on Friday and we had fun visiting the outlets so Jedd could get some new Nikes and letting Nora ride the toys. We went to Target too because why not? :)

Saturday we went to the Austin Nature and Science Center and Nora loved it. She explored the outdoors and saw lots of animals and it was a beautiful day. We finished with some Torchy's- so of course that was great! And we had barbecue for dinner- a great day!

Looking at the hawks with Mimi and Daddy

Working on our photos with the selfie stick! 

Pretty good family pics! 

She finally got into playing in the dirt (it's technically a dinosaur pit) and really liked it! 
Just hanging out on their rocks! 

Sunday church- how cute are they?

We went to the park on Sunday afternoon and it was lovely. Nora sure loves her grandparents and we are so happy they came to visit! 

I love this picture with the clouds! 
The sassy walk! Nora was teaching Mimi 
Some of those ducks were feisty! 
Exploring with Grandpa! 

We love you Mimi and Grandpa Thomas! 

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