Barcelona- Day 0/1

Monday, April 18, 2016

The second half of our trip was to Barcelona! We had a SLIGHT glitch getting there...

We had a noonday flight that would get us from Rome to Barcelona by early evening so we could explore, eat dinner etc. When we arrived at the airport over an hour and half early they informed us that the flight was full and we couldn't check our bags or go on this flight. They acted like it was our fault but we were doing everything normally! Finally, thanks to Steph-the straight shooter, we found someone who told us that they overbook flights by 28% in Italy and it's legal. So they oversell flights but I guess it's rare that all the people show up? Initially they literally told us that we could take the next flight in like 6 hours which would loose us a whole day of travel! But Steph would not stand for that! (thanks goodness, I'm a wimp with a authority). She fought with them extensively until they eventually got all 4 of us booked on another airline and leaving with an hour. THEN they even gave us each money for the trouble. All in all, it worked out totally fine once resolved. We arrived a couple hours later but paid for pretty much our whole time in Barcelona. So don't take big business's crap! Especially when  it's not your fault and they have other avenues to solve problems. But phew, I'm glad it worked out. Thanks Steph!!! :)

I had previously been to Barcelona about 7 years ago but it was a stop among many and I don't remember too much about it. This go around I literally fell in LOVE with the city. We had seriously great food all over the place and I'm obsessed with all of Gaudi's beautiful architecture. We really had a great couple of days there.

Our first night we were beyond starving after traveling and had the best meal. We actually ate there our last night too! :)

Then we ate waffles on La Rambla and they were GOOD! 
A great end to that day and we were ready for a full day the next morning! 

We found a panaderia (bakery) on our way to Gaudi's most famous Sagrada Familia church and I remembered how much I loved stopping there everyday when I lived in Spain.

Here's Jason posing with the ham leg store :) Yum!


La Sagrada Familia-so beautiful and impressive in person

Love these guys! 

The inside was COMPLETELY different than I expected and I was blown away. It was so elegant and modern but still respectful. I felt the Spirit so strongly there I truly knew it was a place of God. What a beautiful place of worship that Gaudi created as a tribute to the Lord. I seriously could have stayed for hours looking around at all the details and soaking it in. I was in awe. 

Even all these photos still don't show how cool it was! But it was wonderful to visit.

We headed to Casa Mila but didn't realize everywhere was so expensive to get in! So we got lunch instead! :)

After lunch we headed to Casa Battlo and decided it was worth the $25 each to visit and I'm so glad we did. Another favorite part of my trip. The details, the windows, the light, it was breathtaking and so fun to explore. A real highlight of our trip!

Pretty ladies and hooded dudes!

Being nerds with the video guides-actually really cool they showed you things as they would have been and gave you an audio tour. 

I loved this patio! So peaceful and a beautiful day. 

Again, my pictures don't begin to do it justice but such a cool house! 

That night after wandering around the city some more we got massages! Such a great find. We were all so tired and sore that we found a place to give us 4 massages and it was awesome.

Then we headed to a flamenco show! Cameron got called along with 5 Asian women to be drummers. He loved it as you can see! :)

The show was really cool and quite impressive! Again reminded me of when I took a flamenco class in Spain and went to some shows before-I love that part of the culture. 

Then for another great dinner! Mussels and potatoes and then PAELLA! It didn't disappoint. 

And since we never miss dessert- we found a place with churros and hot chocolate for dipping. Divine I tell you. One of my favorite Spanish treats. 

Another LONG great day! Ole! 

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