Barcelona Day 2

Monday, April 18, 2016

On our last day in Barcelona we woke up and headed to Park Guell-another famous Gaudi location. We easily took the metro to the area but then we took the wrong exit out of the subway. So we literally went about an hour out of the way to get there! Whoops! I kept asking Spaniards on the street- Parque Guell? And they would just gesture to KEEP WALKING. So it wasn't the greatest start but we found it! Once we arrived-we planned to just enjoy the park and look around. Unfortunately, they made the best part of the park paid entrance now and we were bummed about that too. Luckily, Steph got us to stop being silly and just pay to go in . We got some great photos and it really was cool to see in person despite the long walk and entrance fee! It was a beautiful day and plus we got the most EPIC jumping photos. Totally worth it. :)

Pretty proud of these!!

This is me being the ultimate tourist! :)

Then we headed to the Boqueria for lunch! It's a big market filled with fresh fruits, meats etc. as well as lunch spots. We went booth to booth and had smoothies, crepes, empanadas, seafood etc. It was such a fun way to lunch! :)

After lunch we headed to the waterfront and found a ferry to ride around the port for a nice sitting break and some chatting time. I also FINALLY found my favorite Spanish candy that I had been hunting for the entire time. Win! 

14 weeks pregnant! 

Jason's rocking the hood here! 
Silly kids. 

Then we walked down to the beach for a beautiful sunset. 

After the beach we headed back to La Rambla for dinner. We ate at our favorite restaurant and then when we left we noticed this big crowd outside a store. Turns out Kylie Jenner was in town doing a press/photo shoot at Mango. We decided to join the crowds and camp out to get a look! It was actually really fun being fangirls and Steph wasn't faking it! Eventually she came out to her limo and we got a quick glimpse and it was a fun ending to a great week! 

Cameron and Jason went to get waffles while we camped out. Eventually everyone got frenzied trying to get a photo of her...notice that Cameron is very calming walking with his waffle. This photo made us laugh for days. 

Seriously, not sure if this trip could have been better. The Lees were the best travel companions, lots of great conversation, great food, beautiful places, and so many great stories. 

Thanks to my mom for watching Nora so we could go and we can't wait until we get to do it again!! Team EuroTrip 16 for life! :)

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