Last Morning in Rome

Monday, March 28, 2016

For our last couple hours in Rome we decided to visit the park Villa Borghese. I suggested we do a Segway tour (anything where I didn't have to walk!) but then we found a golf cart which was waaaaay better and we drove around for about an hour. It was such a great break and a beautiful day.

Also the best part was that there are pedestrians and segways all around so we would yell "BEEP BEEP" at people as we went by. I'm sure people were thinking "annoying Americans." O well, we had fun.

And the best ending was that we had a 72 hour metro pass and about 4 minutes before it expired, I noticed that and we all literally RAN back to the metro and made it within 1 minute! We were pretty proud of our budget savvy skillz.

The best!!

Now on to Barcelona....if we can find a flight. More on that to come!! 

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