Tivoli - Day #2

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

My one request for our trip was that we did something we hadn't done before! I love trying new things and new places and I was excited for Rome and Barcelona but wanted a little bit of a new experience too!

So I researched and found this beautiful little city just a train ride outside of Rome with gorgeous hills and villas. As it turns out, it was probably our favorite day of the trip! It was a beautiful day with great weather and we had a short agenda so we wandered around-had our favorite Italian meal of pizza and pasta and relaxed (don't worry relaxed = still over 15 miles of walking!). But I'm so glad we went off the beaten path a bit! :)

Our morning train ride to Tivoli.

Quintessential Italian streets and people-my favorite! 

 The best travel buddies
 These guys are practically models....

The center of town! 
Haha super interested faces! 

The view from the villa! 

Love this girl. 
No idea why I'm making that weird face! haha
The beautiful fountains 

This villa had all these beautiful gardens and fountains and was kind of a maze. 

Love this shot. 

 The most beautiful spot! 

Jason found a friend! haha

After the villa we ate lunch in the sunshine in the square! A perfect afternoon. 

My favorite pasta carbonara for sure! 

Grabbing some treats after lunch! 

 Wandering the city 

After a couple hours of wandering, stopping to buy chocolate etc. we grabbed the evening train back to Rome! We ate dinner in Rome and then headed to the Trevi Fountain for gelato and photos. Another great day in the books!

 Look how white and beautiful it is since it's been cleaned and restored! 

We hit up the Spanish Steps on the way home but they are being restored and aren't accessible. We did get to see all the expensive shops and stopped to window shop (most of the clothes are like $7,000!) here are our model shots: 

Back to Rome for our last day before we headed to Barcelona! 

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