Rome Day #1

Friday, March 18, 2016

Last year, we discussed doing a vacation to somewhere and threw out a bunch of place ideas: Miami, New York, Seattle etc. I think we jokingly brought up Europe in there somewhere and for fun, we thought let's at least compare prices! And seriously, it's almost the same! Domestic travel is hard when you almost always need 2 flights, a rental car, hotel etc. So we figured, let's live it up and go to Europe again before we have our next baby! We decided to invite Cam and Steph to be adventurers with us and really...we NEVER thought they would come. But man did we LUCK out! They were excited for an adventure too and it seriously made the trip 10x better to have some of our best friends with us! Our travel styles meshed very well and we all had fun eating great food, exploring and continually embarrassing each other with funny stories.

We left Nora in the capable hands of my mother and friends and headed to the airport. Flying felt quite lowkey without a toddler in tow. We flew to Atlanta and then look who we found!!

We then had an 8 hour flight from about 5pm onward straight to Rome. The plane was great with tons of food, unlimited movies and shows and great service. Sadly, we all were supposed to sleep the whole way but that didn't happen. We arrived by around 10am and after a little stress and confusion found the right train to our hotel in Rome. We checked in and dropped our stuff off and headed to find some PIZZA and Coke immediately! Again, we wondered a bit, but not too much and found a great little place to rest and recoup before the rest of the day.

These pizzas were amazing! Probably my favorites of the trip and bigger than our heads! After lunch we headed to the Colloseum! There was a huge line and we were a little weary but it actually was pretty quick to get in! The weather in Rome was cool but nice and we were grateful to start things off with a bang! 

Our first selfie stick photo...pretty good!! 

Pretending to fall in and get eaten by lions or something. I kind of love this photo. 

Me carrying the selfie stick around and being the ultimate tourist. I have NO REGRETS about this.

After the Colosseum we headed to the Roman Forum. We snuck in as much as we could before sunset when it closed. 

Have I mentioned how much I love this girl? I think she and I truly "soul sisters."

And these two. They used to always get mistaken for each other at work and at church. They are buds and I love it. (Since we have moved apart, they call each other on the phone and catch up. 
Steph and I never do that and I think it's adorable.) 


Love this one with the whole city in the background

I like these silly moments. 

Palatine Hill
We grabbed some gelato after this and then headed to the Trastevere part of town for dinner. After literally wandering through every restaurant in sprinkling rain we found the one we had selected. It was good, not great but got us what we needed for our first night.

Jason had been dying to try these fried artichokes that are a Roman specialty. This batch wasn't my favorite (too bitter) but I found some others later I liked better. Fun to try though for sure. 

We found our way back to our hotel and definitely slept well after our first major day of walking and exploring. I do think we woke up at 1 or 2 and couldn't sleep so we checked in with my mom, did an Instagram and then went back to bed since we had lots more exploring to do the next day! 

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