Grandma Comes to Visit!

Monday, February 29, 2016

My mom was gracious enough to agree to come watch Nora so we could go on our Europe trip! She came a few days before so we could spend some time together and so that we could get her familiar with Nora and her schedule. Those days were so great it was actually hard for me to go to Europe!

Nora instantly loved her Grandma again even after not seeing her for a few months. I loved the texts and photos my Mom sent me of their adventures and it was so nice to know she she was in such good hands!!

Before we left for Europe we managed to make it to Target, Sam Moon, the outlets and get everything all set for our trip! A fun few days :)

Helping Grandma unpack! 

Helping Grandma shop at Chico's! 

Lots of reading with Grandma! 

She loved the pretty jewelry at Sam Moon. 

Our only selfie before I left! 

Then we headed off to Europe and Mom sent me some of these cute photos! 

Mom even hosted music group for my friends and they had fun! So happy. 

I did mention that Mom needs to work on her selfie skills-ha! 

Churros with Grandma at Costco! 

Having all her friends at breakfast! 

Ice cream at McDonald's with Grandma! So much fun. 

They also had a lot of Chick fil a, play dates, watching Cinderella and lots of playtime. I know she had a blast and I know my Mom loved bonding with our sweet Nora. 

Then we got back and had another couple days of fun! 
Animal parade! 

Torchy's with Grandma for her last meal in town!

We love you Grandma! Thanks for coming to town and thanks Grandpa Don for sharing her with us for so long! Can't wait for your next trip! :)

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