Monterey Trip

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

After my brother's wedding Jason and Nora and I took a little vacation to Carmel and Monterey for a few days. It was such a nice little trip! After our beautiful day in Carmel we went to Cannery Row in Monterey. It was cool weather but we enjoyed wandering around and later we went to Fisherman's wharf. We stayed in a cute little VRBO more in the suburbs but it all worked out well and would recommend the trip to anyone!

One morning we did the 17 mile loop drive along the coast and Nora slept through part of it and then enjoyed the stops with all the birds and seals. 

Family sunglasses selfie! 

The famous "lone cypruss tree."

That afternoon we took Nora to the Dennis the Menace Playground. It's a huge playground with all different things like a huge racing slide and even a maze!
They don't make them like this anymore that's fore sure! 

We had a blast on our little trip! Yay for family time :)

We also had the best ice cream of our lives on our last day at Ghirardelli! 
I could go for another one of these right now! 

 Nora loved the ice cream as much as us! 

Thanks Monterey for a great trip! 

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