6 Year Anniversary!

Saturday, November 28, 2015

This year in August marked our 6 year anniversary. It happened to line up with my Dad coming to visit so we told him to come on down but only if he would babysit for us on our anniversary! :) He graciously agreed!

Since Grandpa was in town we went to Kerbey Lane for brunch and then to Bass Pro Shops for some exploring and Nora loved all the fish and animals (even if they were taxidermied!). We wandered around looking at fishing poles and boats and guns and it was a nice afternoon! We took a family selfie to document the occasion as our official celebration.

That night we had fancy reservations at Sandra Bullock's restaurant-Bess. But truth be told, I just wasn't feeling a fancy place but was feeling guilty about it. On the way there we guiltily cancelled and felt instantly better. We opted for a new Chicago style deep dish pizza place on 6th Street called Gino's. I don't think we loved the deep dish pizza but we loved having a night out that wasn't stressful with being who we aren't. That's something you learn after 6 years of marriage-do what makes you happy and don't be who you aren't! Then went to see a movie and it was just a great day and night!

We also watched our wedding video the next day with Nora and it was so fun. She danced to the music and loved the photos. I couldn't be happier with our little family-she is such a blessing and I'm so lucky that I married Jason and we are still doing great. Being married isn't easy by any means-we bicker and annoy each other often and we would have a much easier time of it if we never had to drive anywhere ever again or assemble furniture or hang photos on the walls (and don't even get me started on Christmas trees!). But what would marriage be without those crazy moments to laugh about afterwards and to realize how crazy you were? We are definitely still figuring things out. Parenting adds a whole new level of issues and exhaustion that certainly can take it's toll on us. But we work on it together and we try to appreciate one other. We need to do more date nights but we are good at sharing household duties, making lots of memories and loving Nora endlessly. I wouldn't want to share the big or little moments with anyone but Jase. Happy Anniversary!! I love you!

A chair just her size! 
Love these moments of them together! 

This photo makes me so happy! Matching Trucker hats. 

Gino's East
Romantic date night! 

It was a super cute Austin place with great service and atmosphere. 
The appetizer platter was good! 

Video watching in their chairs. 

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